Managing Assets Manages Your Budget!

Textbook Tracker is a full-featured, web-based asset management solution providing the convenience of everything you need, from circulation to reporting, in one application accessible on any internet-ready device.

Do you run a Centralized or Distributed Inventory? Our Cloud-Hosted solution makes it as simple as possible to manage your assets your way in no time at all!

Track asset depreciation

Assets condition/damage/loss/fees

Automate inventory and supply

Even if you don’t have dedicated IT staff, Textbook Tracker powered by Alexandria™ is asset management designed to be a breeze to set up, manage, and maintain.

Automated Reporting

Whether you need information on-the-fly or want to set up a structured schedule, you make the call when it comes to reports. Now you can have reports when you want them, not when it's convenient for your system.

24/7 Live Support

Any person in your organization, any hour of the day, any topic. No other asset management software has their own in-house 24/7 support team like we do. Got a basic "how-to" question? Contact us.

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