Science Magazine is a leading medium for science news, commentary, and cutting-edge research published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) from 1880 to the present. With Science Magazine you will be able to inform students of all levels about current global issues and groundbreaking scientific innovations.

It has been at the center of important scientific discoveries since its founding in 1880, with easy-to-read articles, reviews, and comments, Science Journals informs students of all levels about current global issues and revolutionary scientific innovations.

Published every week!

Benefits for teachers

  • Support material for all types of subjects and assignments
  • Relevant and verified source of information for all types of levels and students.
  • Promotion of discussion inside and outside the classroom with relevant news

Benefits for students

  • Development of research techniques from a verified and current source
  • Discovery of various scientific areas and advances in all industries
  • Strengthening critical reading

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